People of Christ Missionary Baptist Church 11473 West Larch Road Tracy, CA 95304 God lives in our Hearts
People of Christ Missionary Baptist Church11473 West Larch RoadTracy, CA 95304God lives in our Hearts  

POC Church Ministries Overview


 The house of the Lord is not a place just to come and be entertained, but to      administer your spiritual gifts that Jesus has blessed you with.


Reverends /  Ministers

Reverend William Bennett - Assistant Pastor 


 Reverend Mary Ashley

 Reverend Marie Self

 Reverend Jerry Hawthorne Sr.

 Reverend Eric Hardy

 Reverend Gary Cooper



Other POC Department Heads, Auxiliaries, Ministries and Departmental Officers


 Church Clerk - Deaconess Margaret Boyd

 Church Administrator - Deaconess Cassedra Burdios

 Finance Department -

  Treasurer – Deaconess Latonia Ealy

  Financial Secretary – Sister Tammy Skinner

 Church Secretary – 1st Lady Carletta Garrett

 Assistant Secretary - Sister Tarena Hinton

 Church Council Secretary – Sister Donelle Shorter

 WMU Officers (Meets every 3rd Sunday after Morning Service)

  Director - Deaconess Margaret Boyd

  President – Sister Dorothy Hicks Beard

  Vice President - Sister Shay Brown

  Secretary - Sister Lisa Milsner

  Treasurer - Deaconess Susie Everhart

  Bible Study Teacher – 1st Lady Carletta Garrett

 WMU Ministries

  Stockton Women and Children's Shelter - Deaconess Cassedra Burdios

  Thanksgiving Baskets - Sister Paulette Bennett

 Music Department (Meets every Thurs. at 7:00 PM)

  Choir President - Sister Alicera Aubel

  Vice-President - Sister CJ Burch

  Secretary – Deacon Michael Boyd

  Treasurer - Deaconess Susie Everhart

  Spiritual Leader - Sister Angelus Ford

 Male Chorus (Meets 1st Sat. at 10:30 AM & 4th Sat. at 9: AM; Thurs. prior to 1st      Sunday at 6:30 PM)

  Rev. William Bennett – President

  Deacon Art Smith – Vice President

 Mass Communications / Multimedia

  Deacon Dennis Alley - Lead & POC Website Administrator

  Sister Tamica Ward - Lead Sound System & Alternate Website Administrator

  1st Lady Carletta Garrett - Alternate Website Administrator

  Brother Carlton Colbert - Multimedia System Designer / Video Production & Editor

  Brother Mike Chissell - Sound System Designer

  Brother Dominic Garrett - Sound System / Projector

  Brother Ron Nelson - Sound System

  Brother Hugh Savage - Photographer & POC Facebook

  Sister Dijnae Savage - POC Facebook  

  Brother Joshua Burdios- Sound System (Youth) / Assistant Photographer

  Sister Tiffany Williams - Alternate Photographer

  Deacon Frank Knight - Photographer

  Deaconess Vonda Alley - Announcements

  Sister Lynette Jones - Multi Computer Operations / PowerPoint / Projector  

  Brother Kerwin Falls - Technical Support

  Brother Cozeen Edwards - Alternate Technical Support

  Deacon Michael Boyd - Communications / Sunday Bulletin

 Activities Director -

  Sister Paulette Bennett

 Usher Board -

  President – Brother Archie Hodge

  Vice President – Deaconess Pamela Williams

  Secretary – Sister Latonia Ealy

 Trustee Board -

  Chairman - Deacon Arthur J. Smith

  Brother Keith Givens

  Sister Denetris (Dee) Perry

  Dr. Clara Coleman-Rouse-Styles

  Sister Angelas Ford

  Reverend Marie Self

 Mother's Board (Meets every 4th Sunday after Service)

  President – Mother Paulette Bennett

  Vice President – Mother Georgia Hawthorne

 Pastor’s Aid (Meets every 4th Sat. at 10:00 AM) -

  President – Sister Allene Green

  Vice President – Sister Jessie Boutte

  Treasurer – Sister Latonia Ealy

 Deacon Board (Meets every 1st Sat. at 10:00 AM) -

  Chairman – Deacon Bernard Burdios

  Vice Chairman – Deacon John Williams

  Secretary – Deacon Michael Boyd

  Deacon Edward Ashley 

  Deacon Art Smith

  Deacon Dennis Alley

  Deacon Frank Knight

  Deacon Roosevelt Ealy

  Deacon Green

 Deaconesses -

  Deaconess Pamela Williams

  Deaconess Cassedra Burdios

  Deaconess Susie Everhart

  Deaconess Yolande Knight

  Deaconess Margaret Boyd

  Deaconess Betty Ashley  

  Deaconess Vonda Alley

  Deaconess Latonia Ealy

  Deaconess Green

 Sunday School - 

  Superintendent – Deacon Bernard Burdios

  Adult Class Teachers – Evangelist Michelle Beasley

  Youth Class Teacher – Sister Denetris Perry

 Youth Department (Meets every other Sunday after Service) & (Via telephone  conference every other Wednesday at 5:30 PM)

  Director – Deaconess Yolande Knight

  President – Sister Kayla Baker

  Vice President – Sister Davielle Shorter

  Treasurer – Sister Danelle Shorter

 Brotherhood (Meets every 1st and 3rd Sat. at 9:00 AM) -

  President – Deacon John Williams

  Vice President – Deacon Art Smith

  Secretary – Rev. Gary Cooper

  Treasurer – Deacon Green

 Culinary (Meets 4th Sunday of every other month after Morning Service)

  Director – Sister Marylyn Broxton

 Health and Wellness Ministry - 

  Sister Sabrina Cruz

  Deaconess Margaret Boyd

  Sister Donelle Shorter

  Sister Paulette Bennett

  Sister Patricia Jackson

  1st Lady Carletta Garrett




8:00 am

Sunday School

8:15 am

New Member Orientation

8:15 am

Morning Worship

9:30 am

POC Sunday Bulletin


(209) 321-8919

Directions to POC

11473 West Larch Road

Tracy, CA  95304

Phone: (209) 833-7258

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You can also Donate via Text to: (209) 822-2009

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